Samsung Space Monitor keeps your desk tidy – All Hands on Tech


    When I first heard of the Samsung Space Monitor at CES 2019 I was hoping it was a monitor made for outer space. But it’s not, it’s made for your desk. And it’s made to save as much space as possible.

    Samsung plans to sell the monitors to businesses that are setting up new office spaces and want to make their desks as efficient and flexible as possible.

    Samsung says the Space Monitor will give you back 40 per cent more workspace compared to a regular monitor of the same size. And it has all sorts of cable runs so you can tuck away those unsightly cords and keep things nice and neat.

    The hinge was built to be able to stand up to thousands of movements and allows you to precisely put the screen just where you want it.

    The monitor can be pre-ordered from The 27-inch model is $399.99 US and a 31.5-inch monitor is $499.99 US. The release date is set for February 23rd.

    There are other different specs on the monitors to know about. The 27-inch model is rated at QHD resolution, also known as 1440p. It’s a 3,000 to 1 contrast ratio and a 144 hz refresh rate. The 32-inch model has a 4K resolution, a 2,500 to 11 contrast ratio, and a 60 hz refresh rate.