MapleSEC Satellite Session – New threats are ‘accelerated and unpredictable’


    As businesses grapple with “accelerated and unpredicable” cyberattacks – many of them now targeting Canada’s critical infrastructure – leadership should understand the benefits of augmenting human IT teams with an “AI analyst,” according to Marcus Fowler, director of strategic threats for DarkTrace.

    “When we think about using AI, we think about how it can augment that human team, not replace – I can’t stress that enough, not replace – and do more with the technology that’s perfectly positioned to do some of the early heavy lifting. This helps the security team start from a place of informed action,” he explained during his presentation at the  MapleSEC Satellite Series.

    Fowler highlights the potential for AI to expose malicious activity on the network, using the LeChiffre ransomware infection strain as an example.


    Presentation: How AI Augments Humans: Closing the Skills Gap &  Driving Executive Decisions

    Marcus Fowler, Director of Strategic Threat, DarkTrace