All Hands on Tech – Canada’s first smart condo community


    We tour Tridel’s new Ten York condo tower development in downtown Toronto with Smart One Solutions, the firm that’s deployed smart community technology that will see residents have access to capabilities unlike anywhere else in Canada.

    After visiting SmartOne Solutions booth at CES in Las Vegas, we covered how the Toronto-based firm is adapting the Korean hardware maker’s gear for the North American market with a new user interface. Now we’re touring the first real-world deployment of the technology with this prime real estate. From the front door, to the security desk, to the exercise room, and the residences this building is fully wired and connected unlike any other building. Aside from the Android-powered wall-panels that connect with mobile apps for realtime views through security cameras in common areas and provide access to door locks, there’s fibre connectivity, backup power with a UPS unit, and cellular signal boosters. Play the video above to come on the tour with us.