Is it time for small businesses to rethink their cyber security strategies?

Forty-three per cent of cyber attacks are against small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), according to recent Verizon data. However, only 14 per cent of...

Many small Canadian firms allocate nothing in operating budgets for cybersecurity: Survey

Results of a survey by Insurance Bureau of Canada worse than in 2019

For SMBs moving to the cloud, mindset and partners are key

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Canada need to be proactive to overcome the barriers to adopting new technology. It’s a challenge for SMBs to...

New study says Canadian SMBs incur a potential productivity loss of $2 billion using older technology

A recent study commissioned by Microsoft and Intel reported that the cost of using a PC older than four years is more than buying...

Poor configuration, old versions of Windows, Linux among security issues facing SMBs: Survey

A report from Alert Logic says SMBs are straining to keep pace with changing cyber security threats

‘Okay Google’ are the first two words to unlocking AI business advantage: IDC analyst

While the science-fiction version of artificial intelligence may be decades away, businesses right now in 2018 can still get excited about AI algorithms that can be used to make their practice more efficient and productive.

SMBs can rely on IRAP funding, contrary to Brian Cookson’s recent blog, NRC exec says

By Andrew McNaughton The following was sent to IT World Canada editorial director Brian Jackson as a letter to the editor. I would like to clarify...

SMBs excited about technology, but need help taking advantage, Startup Canada finds

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are eager to jump onto the digital transformation train, but need support from both industry and the government, according...

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Finding a perfect-fit ransomware solution for SMBs

Until recently “ransomware” was largely considered a buzzword, a distant threat — something you read about, thought about, and then forgot about. Unfortunately, those...

Cloud-managed networking for companies of every size

Cloud-managed infrastructure may not be new, but until recently it has been something exclusively for larger enterprises. As a rule, SMBs simply don’t have...

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The information age has changed how businesses receive, process and analyze information, but has also caused distrust towards fickle operating systems that slow down...

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