Cyber Security Today, Week in Review for Friday, August 19, 2022

This podcast includes a discussion on buggy security patches, companies collecting too much data and fake job offers

Critical SAP vulnerability patched months ago now on US exploited bug list

Coming after a detailed presentation about the hole at two cybersecurity conferences the listing raises the possibility it is currently being exploited

Cyber Security Today, Aug. 19, 2022 – Another huge DDoS attack, ransomware variants increase and a warning about vulnerable PLCs

This episode reports on a record denial of service attack, the number of ransomware variants discovered this year is up and a warning about vulnerable PLCs

Canadian non-profit gets funding to raise awareness of quantum computing threat

Grant given to Quantum-Safe Canada to help energy and finance sectors plan to implement quantum-resistant solutions

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Experts say that training can reduce security incidents by anywhere from 45% to 70%. "We asked ourselves why security training couldn't be fun as well as informative." IT World Canada and it's creative arm, Amazing! Agency have created some training materials which actually make security training engaging and interesting. Each unit starts with a fun video or interactive game and let's you get the interest of the group....

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Tour Trend Micro’s new cyber security research lab in Toronto

  Cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, targeting everything from your inbox to elections, and Canada sees its fair share of them. Between 2011 and...