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SAP offers broad end-to-end project management suite

Commercial Project Management aims to help groups outside IT manage big tasks

#FollowFriday – Two social media experts

Almost every organization has to have a social media strategy. Here's two experts whose tweets on the topic are informative

SaaS benefits go beyond cost cutting: IBM

Circumventing IT to deploy SaaS can have unintended circumstances, warns Big Blue

Businesses lag in using predictive metrics: Gartner

Historical metrics are a thing of the past. Businesses now need to employ predictive metrics to prevail in today’s challenging market conditions, according to Gartner

CRTC rolls out municipal access agreement model

For carriers and cities alike, the process of coordinating telecom projects within municipal jurisdiction can be a daunting task. Consider this hypothetical scenario: After the...

Platform architecture approach to mobility needed

As enterprise organizations become more immersed in the bring-your-own-device world they will have to move away from their current point solution approach to mobility,...

IT pros will take pay cut for better benefits: Survey

Salaries are not the main driver for Canadian IT professionals when it comes to evaluating job opportunities, in fact a majority of them would...

Did Windows 8, RT cause Ballmer’s downfall?

Some analysts say Windows 8 is to blame for Steve Ballmer's departure, others say Ballmer's own character could have done him in

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Top 11 reasons your IT project could crash and burn

IT management regularly encounters projects with problematic prospects that are not progressing as expected. Here is a list of the top 11 reasons for failure, with questions that may help you save projects.