Hashtag Trending August 9 – Netflix games remain unpopular; video game industry suffers post-pandemic; eBay’s new refurbished program

Netflix’s games aren’t very popular, video game industry slides post pandemic, and eBay’s new refurbished program causes headaches for resellers. That’s all the tech news...

Cyber Security Today, August 8, 2022 – Another warning to Cisco Small Business router administrators, a caution over website redirects, and more

This episode reports on vulnerabilities in routers and industrial gateways, a Twitter vulnerability that could have exposed anonymous users, a Slack password reset and more

Hashtag Trending August 8 – Amazon buys Roomba maker; federal government employees want to work from home; flight trackers irk public figures

Amazon acquires iRobot, federal government employees resent the idea of returning to office, and public figures are not happy with flight trackers. That’s all the...

Hashtag Trending August 5 – Equifax credit score mishap; new anti-robocall taskforce; Cloudflare email forwarding bug

Equifax misreported credit scores for loan applications, the U.S. forms a new anti-robocall taskforce, and a Denmark student finds a flaw in Cloudflare’s email...

Hashtag Trending Aug 4 – Facebook ends live shopping feature; Motorola cancels foldable phone launch event; Robinhood fires 23 per cent of staf

Facebook shuts down its live shopping feature, Motorola cancels the launch of its foldable phone, and Robinhood fires almost a quarter of its staff. That’s...

Cyber Security Today for August 3rd, 2022 – Exfiltration, ransomware attacks critical infrastructure and “What is your personal data worth?”

Exfiltration the theft of data is now a dominant strategy in ransomware,  ransomware groups continue to attack critical infrastructure and a fast food chain...

Hashtag Trending August 3 – China’s new power grid AI; TikTok to surpass Facebook in influencer marketing spending; anti-piracy ads may not be working

China deploys new AI to manage its power grid, TikTok to overtake Facebook in influencer marketing spending, and anti-piracy ads may be encouraging pirating.

Hashtag Trending August 2 – Google ‘Simplicity Sprint’; Amazon carbon emission rises in 2021; another Meta lawsuit

Google announces “Simplicity Sprint” to drive efficiency, Amazon’s carbon emission increases by 18 per cent amid an online shopping surge, and Meta faces another...

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