Cyber Security Today, Aug. 15, 2022 – Watch for patches from Palo Alto Networks, Microsoft and others

This episode reports on important security updates IT administrators should be aware of

Hashtag Trending Aug. 15 – Uber discontinues Uber Rewards; renewable energy pays; and bioengineered cornea restores sight

Uber discontinues its loyalty program, renewable energy could pay for itself within six years, and scientists create a promising bioengineered cornea. That’s all the tech...

Cyber Security Today, Week in Review for August 12, 2022

The theme of this week's discussion is why employees do risky things like click on malicious links that defeat multifactor authentication

Hashtag Trending August 12 – Facebook is not popular with teens; misinformation continues to spread; FCC rejects Starlink’s application for $885 million subsidy

Teens are not using Facebook, research reveals people are seeing misinformation weekly, and the FCC rejects Starlink’s request for $900 million in subsidies That’s all...

Cyber Security Today, August 12, 2022 – Behind the Zeppelin ransomware, a serious ransomware attack in the UK, and more

This episode reports on the workings of the Zeppelin ransomware, a new strain of malware targeting a power distributor in Ukraine, and more

Hashtag Trending August 11 – Meta worries about idle workforce; Microsoft disbands prosumer team; Google grills Apple over texting beef

Meta CEO worries that some employees aren’t doing work, Microsoft cuts team focused on prosumer experience, and Google blasts Apple’s texting standard. That’s all the...

Cyber Security Today, August 10, 2022 – Bad apps are found in the PyPI repository, six backdoors are used in a gang’s cyber attacks,...

This episode reports on malware in the PyPI repository, six backdoors are used in a gang's cyber attacks, how to discover a deepfake video and more

Hashtag Trending August 10 – Ferrari recall; Google outage; Meta’s new chatbot and its problems

Ferrari is recalling almost every car it has sold since 2005, Google suffered an outage, and Meta’s new chatbot is already spewing false statements. That’s...

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