Canadian government to offer affordable high-speed Internet to low-income families

The government of Canada is launching Connecting Families 2.0 to offer faster speeds and increased data usage for low-income families and seniors

Hydro One uses utility poles to deploy internet service in new pilot with the Ontario government

The Ontario government has kickstarted a pilot project with Hydro One to bridge the digital divide for 1,450 residents in the municipality of Brighton. During...

Rogers acquires Nova Scotia’s Cross Country TV

Rogers has quietly snapped up regional communication and internet service provider Cross Country TV, based in Nova Scotia, according to a notice posted on...

Rogers launches its standalone 5G network, but it needs certified phones to work

Rogers officially turned on its standalone 5G network for its subscribers today, but customers looking to try it out will need a certified phone. Unlike...

CRTC agrees to let Rogers buy Shaw’s broadcasting services

The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has agreed to let Rogers buy Shaw's broadcasting services, with specified conditions and modifications. As a part of...

Telus is upping its fixed wireless Internet speed game in rural communities across B.C. and Alberta

Telus is bringing faster fixed wireless Internet speeds to nearly 60 rural communities across British Columbia and Alberta by the end of the year.

Starlink raises internet service and hardware costs

Customers subscribed to SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service will soon need to pay more for internet as the company announced its first price hike...

Google Canada announces second cohort for Google Cloud Accelerator for startups

The company will offer the 11 startups cloud mentorship and technical project support, and more, for cloud startup founders and leaders.

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