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IT’s most powerful women

IT WORLD CANADA CURATED A slideshow features the highest profile female tech executives

Be the manager no one wants to leave

Employees leave managers, not companies. Learn three strategies for leading and keeping your staff

Me and my shadows

Cisco Canada's president takes part in a mentoring program for high-potential employees. What they can expect from the eight-month program

How to tame a bad boss: Eight practical techniques

Because we spend so many of our waking hours at work and because our rapport with our boss is one our most pivotal relationships outside of family, it's in our best interest to try to make it work

IT tier-level support, chargebacks, called wasteful

At its annual Symposium/IT Expo in Orlando this week, research firm Gartner offers 16 ways IT can improve operations in lean times

Green tech, healthcare IT best choices for college students

Dump the law books. Human resources executives say the most fruitful post recession career choices will be in Green technology and healthcare IT

CATA proposes test beds in government

The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance is calling out to municipal, provincial and federal governments for the creation of technology test beds that would provide opportunities current procurement processes don

Five reasons your family doctor isn’t using EMR

A GP and the CEO of OntarioMD weigh in on the roadblocks to electronic medical records for family physicians in Ontario

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Executive talent risks in the Government of Canada

The former chief operating officer of Shared Services Canada weighs in on what's wrong with how the government hires for technical talent, and provides concrete steps on how to fix it.


Managing the moving parts of the next normal workplace

For all the upheaval it has brought, the global crisis has done something positive for employers – it has forced every player, from the...

Don’t forget HR in your digital transformation planning

If you’re harbouring any doubt that business has gone through a massive paradigm shift in recent years, you need only look at businesses like...

Meeting the challenges of the new normal through HR technology

Almost one-third of Canadian businesses with 500 or more employees, and almost double the percentage of smaller businesses, recorded at least a 20 per...

Why your HR team is one of the best security firewalls

Human error is one of the biggest threats in companies, according to a Canadian security expert. A recent Verizon Wireless Data Breach Investigations Report...