Hashtag Trending: Everyone using cryptocurrency, a cashless world, and payment data is king

Cryptocurrency becomes easier, no more cash, and payment data improves businesses Listen to the latest Hashtag Trending HERE! My first prediction in this new year is...

Most financial institutions embracing digital transformation in theory, but not practice: OpenText

A new report by OpenText and ITWC has found that when it comes to digital transformation, Canada's financial institutions are talking the talk, but not walking the walk.

Scotiabank’s ‘PLATO’ team shows its serious about technology-first approach with open source release

Scotiabank was making software news of its own at Google Next 2018, announcing a release of code to GitHub.

New app makes it easier for Canadians to make charitable donations from their smartphones

Want to give a little everyday with the help of your smartphone? A new app can help with that.

Visa and PayPal become better pals in Canada

Visa and PayPal are expanding their partnership in Canada to allow customers more ways to move money between accounts and could lead to PayPal providing payments at physical locations. 

Visa Direct payments service expanded in Canada

Visa is working with a partner to allow for direct payments to its debit cardholders, providing relief from cheque-based processes.

Hashtag Trending – Paypal going after traditional banks, Facebook’s continued problems, China’s dystopian ranking system

PayPal is moving closer to “mainstream banking”, Facebook suspends another data analytics firm for using tactics like Cambridge Analytica, and China is testing a social credit ranking system straight out of a Black Mirror episode.

CIBC targets technology industry with new Innovation Banking arm

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce is targeting the technology industry - and its most tech-savvy customers - with its newest division. On Monday the...

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Payments modernization in Canada

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