Students to solve Lego puzzles at Google Games

At the University of Waterloo, engineering and computer science students will be divided into teams and asked to solve puzzles. The search company says this is intended as a fun weekend and not a recruiting effort, though the contest will challenge their computational skills

Blogging Idol contestants debate IT certification

In the first week of our Blogging Idol contest, three IT managers weighed in on the question of whether IT managers should need professional designations. Highlights from the top posts so far

The maverick mantra

Who are the kind of people you hire? Let me guess, you like fast learners; people you can vibe with; those who will blend in with the rest of the team and get along with colleagues

South African integrator expands to Australia

EOH hopes to create a new source of demand for its Oracle-based services.

Creating successful project teams

Market-based processes that identify a prime and subcontractors, combined with the practice of subcontracting for deliverables rather than just people, make large-scale project management within everybody's capabilities

Yahoo sets up new lab in India

Yahoo will open its second lab in India, which will focus on long-term research

Getting to know you: The rise of roles-based IDs

Regulatory and compliance requirements are the big driver behind demand for technology that governs access to information based on user rights and restrictions. Let Telus, M-Tech and other Canadian firms bring you up to speed

A Masters in Collaboration

How do you gain influence over the top decision-makers in your organization? Try taking a few notes from Gerry McCartney, CIO of Purdue University.

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