Apple planning to design own chip?

Apple has recently begun snapping up chip designers. With its own chips, the company could potentially create Apple-only features, but--perhaps more importantly--it could also keep Apple's product plans secret from its competitors

Mafiaboy speech a standing room only affair

Michael Calce's keynote drew a crowd that spilled out of the convention centre's hall. How social engineering is still the lynchpin of successful hacking. WITH VIDEO

One more time: Ballmer wants Yahoo deal

Is the on-again, off-again Microhoo courtship on again? Ballmer's being coy, but he says a deal is better done sooner than later

Product life management next ‘big thing’ for Asia-Pacific

Asia-Pacific manufacturers are adopting product life management strategies to gain competitive advantage

Control freaks make good bosses

Control freak is such a strong word, says author Cheryl Cran. This type of boss simply wants order, consistency and perfection

Microsoft PDC, WinHEC will be Windows 7 coming-out parties

A blog entry says the annual hardware engineering conference will provide in-depth information about Windows 7. The company has been fairly secretive so far

President and CEO, The Anita Borg Institute

Critics contend society is not encouraging girls to study IT. Of the few women who enter tech, nearly half leave. Why?

What we need to know about Net traffic

Does anyone really know how quickly Internet demand is growing? Plus, a refresher course on probability distributions

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