Tablet Wars: what piques developers

According to a new survey, developers want to build their apps for the iPhone and iPad, but Android devices are still a close second. The dismal outlook for Research in Motion

Random Hacks of Kindness weekend set for developers

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo shepherd the event to build software for disaster risk management. It

IBM, Eclipse focus on OSGi modularity

Big Blue looks to boost its WebSphere app server while Eclipse ponders framework based on the Java module system

Adobe offers smartphone access to workflow apps

LiveCycle ES2 participants in a workflow will be able to access their tasks list on an iPhone, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile device. Plus: A Richmond, B.C.-based developer discusses his AIR client

Mobile developers debate framework and Web approaches

Mobile software developers agree open source boosts app development but clash on how to deal with mobile device fragmentation

Group cries foul over Outlook

The E-mail Standards Project claims that using the Word engine to render HTML

Launch an intranet before it

According to a new report, the use of corporate intranets is pretty much split evenly among organizations in North America and Europe. Read why one Toronto company says enterprise 2.0 is now a mainstream technology

Sun upgrades NetBeans IDE

Plus, kudos to a Winnipeg medical device company, nominations open for the Intelligent Community Forum, and more

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